cPanel says Invalid License Key or Missing License Issue

cPanel says Invalid License Key or Missing License Issue

Invalid License Key cPanel

It seems like many people with self managed dedicated servers or virtual private server is facing issues with their cPanel license in certain steps. Maybe you’d installed new cPanel Addons from root or maybe you’d just rebooted your server after initial installation of cPanel then you may face this type of errors.

First, no need to worry, it’s very common and happening to many of us. Because we know that is very strict with their licensing system thus this issues arises. However, just follow the steps below and for sure it will be solved for you:

1 )=> Log into your server via SSH (root) and run the following command:


2)=> Now log in into your Web Host Manager (WHM) or cPanel again. If the key is still reported as missing, return to SSH and run the following command:

/scripts/upcp --force

3)=> Wait for the update to complete, and then try refreshing the key again with:


Please note: Your server time needs to be correct for your license to be synced with cPanel’s licensing system. You cannot anyhow use random time, must keep up with the actual time. And then everything should go smoothly.

If still not working, then you can comment back your issue with error message and I will try getting back with you guys.



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