Installing PHPMyAdmin Themes in cPanel Server

Installing PHPMyAdmin Themes in cPanel Server

phpMyAdmin Themes Installation

When I looked at the PHPMyAdmin’s themes website, I was like WOW! They don’t even have sufficient information regarding such installation. All it said me to upload the theme folder directly under the theme folder which is inside the phpMyAdmin folder.

Now my web server uses cPanel WHM server which is very popular and most useful control panel. I do have root access but don’t know where the theme folder is located. I searched the root directories, cpanel directories including home etc. But couldn’t find that easily. Finally it was found in the following directory location which you will find in your server:


Now in order for you to install your favorite themes in your cPanel based server, login to your server via SSH (OpenSSH). You can use PuTTY which is a free SSH Client and easy to use (make sure you have root access to your server). You can download one from and install it on your computer.

cd /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/themes

Once you’re logged into your server then write the following command:
Now you can use the “wget” command to download the themes from phpMyAdmin themes page which is located at In our example we will use the theme “Pmamhomme”. Now to download, use the following command:


Once the download is success in your server then unzip the file using the following command:

unzip pmahomme-1.0bzip

Once extracted successfully then your themes has been installed successfully. Congrats now you’ve learned how to install phpMyAdmin theme in a cPanel web server. When you open up your

Process of cPanel phpMyadmin Themes Installation

phpMyAdmin from your cPanel control panel then in the home screen there will be a theme menu where your newly installed themes name will appear.

You can also customize the logo and other graphics easily by replacing the appropriate files within the “img” folder inside the themes folder. It is very useful for web hosting owners, re-sellers etc.

If you face any difficulties or problem then you can always contact me back or comment in the post for response.



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