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What is Aperture in camera?

What is Aperture in camera?

What is aperture settings? by Hasif Ahmed

You’re a photographer? or you want to be one photographer? Whoever you are, the concept of aperture settings must be clear in order to take good photos. Either you’re a beginner or you’re interested to know about it or even you’re doing your school homework, this my short article shall help you with it. Let’s begin the fun and explain you in my own words.

Q. What is Aperture?

A. Aperture is a type of breach or diameter that passes the light in your camera through lens. You didn’t got anything or did you? Okay again, aperture is like your eyes, when you open your eyes then you start consuming light through pupil (the black circle in the middle). This pupil here act like the camera’s aperture. So, when you click shot button, then the shutter opens and the total diameter of the opening passage is the measurement of your aperture settings. That opening hole size determines the amount of light the camera will absorb.

Q. How Aperture is measured?

A. It is usually measured in F-stop for example f/22 or f/2.8 in a manual aperture control settings in a DSLR camera. In compact digital cameras, this things are automatically adjusted for which those cameras are never considered as PRO (otherwise photographers wouldn’t have been earning big sum of money with their SLrs).

The measurement kinda works in the opposite way as we generally might think because these settings are expressed in decimal numbers. Remember the following key function of F-stop:
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